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Leading Bulk SMS Service Providers in Hyderabad, India

Bulk SMS

We are the leading Bulk SMS Service providers based out of Hyderabad with over 200+ resellers and 2000+ permanent satisfied customers
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Bulk SMS Reseller

Be your own boss, work as a reseller under Intech Solutions and grab an opportunity to earn income genuinely.
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Bulk Voice Calls

Deliver your message to millions within a second, and  yes we make this happen try our Voice Bulk Calls service..
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We are responsive

Our SMS Portals are flexible and can adapt to any resolutions whether on PC or on Mobile.

Our Pricing are reasonable not one penny more nor one penny less.

Our SMS Servers Delivers:


1 Lakh SMS per ten minutes


6 Lakh SMS per hour


30 Lakh SMS per half of the day


2000+ user dreams across India per day


We Are Bulk SMS Leaders

Using Our Bulk SMS Service is easy, its more like counting 1, 2 and 3

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Your account is created in a swish.
Your Login details awaits in your mobile and mail.
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Choose your contacts whether it may e one, hundreds or thousands, you name it. And hit send.
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Your messages are delivered on the set time as promised .
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